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Agrari Beach

Many people will say it`s the most beautiful one. The biggest beach on the island rolls out its golden sand carpet between Mount Elia, which is on the left, and its little sister, Agrari, that lies on the right, opposite the island of Naxos. The “ethnic” character that you`ll find on other beaches is not as strong here. No matter what your likes and dislikes, once you find yourself on this airy beach, amid the neutral, free environment, you`ll be in your element.Although the beach gets crowded in July and August, it is spacious enough to maintain its relaxing character. Orientated towards the pleasures of the sun and the sea, it stays away from extreme parties.The bay is ideally wide for water-skiing and it is the only place where you can go parascending. You can also rent one of the many jet skis that will offer you a sensational experience.

Elia Beach

Taking the beautiful road in the south to get there, at the point where the hills suddenly fade away before Agrari Bay to give way to the sea, you will marvel at the sight of one of the most beautiful panoramic views on the island. The road that goes down so steeply will make you doubt whether you`ll be able to climb your way up again, this is how abrupt it is. But even if you can`t make it back up, Eden is right on this beach, hidden behind the mountains on the right side and open towards the neighboring Elia on the left. Its tavern in the shadow and its garden unique on the island, a garden with a thousand flowers (p107), fill in the picture of this peaceful beach, livened up by its faithful clientele of people who know that happiness lies at the end of this long road, away from the crowds.

Super Paradise Beach

The golden sand of this beach, hosts the largest beach party in Greece, packed with people enjoying an amazing clubbing experience and full eccentricity. The wild younger patrons have given Super’s afternoon parties a historical reputation. Super Paradise is a legendary beach in Mykonos ever since the 80s, when the party wind began to blow on the island. It developed when some people, who thought that its neighboring, Paradise Beach, was far too crowded, searched a new option in need for exclusiveness. When you reach the beach, as the road starts to go downhill, make a stop and enjoy the panoramic view. A dramatic landscape, as the bay, its turquoise waters and the beach spread before your eyes.


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